puls[Insta] (2019)

installation for 1-2 humans with heart rate sensors, visuals and electronic sounds

premiered by eventuell. (Vera Wahl & Manuela Villiger) on September 5th, 2019 in Zürich

puls[Insta] is an installation in which the heart rate of one or two human is visualized using Jitter OpenGL. Two pulsating spherical meshes mimic the heartbeat of the performers. It’s an attempt to use physiological technology to create a tension between showing the most fundamental form of self-expression, but in a virtualized form. A perceptual feedback loop is set in motion that can only exist through the configuration of the human body and digitality. The performers can be either on stage or off stage. Likewise, they can try to influence/control the pulse actively or an objective/passive visualization happens. There is also the possibility to open the installation to visitors using a heart rate sensor. For this case, the installation should be placed in a separate, intimate room.

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