speechLess (2021)

for $1 alto saxophone, video and live electronics

premiered by eventuell. (Vera Wahl & Manuela Villiger) on September 9th, 2021 in Olten 

speechLess is a live performance with a prerecorded video of each player and can be performed by one or more performers. For each performer, a video can be loaded into the MaxMSP patch in which the performer recites very clearly the text below. Ideally, the video is recorded against a dark background and only the face is visible. As soon as a video is played, the melody of the spoken text in the video is analyzed and transferred into notes via live projection. The heartbeat frequency of the performer controls the playback speed of the video. The performer must now try to play the projected notes as accurately as possible with the saxophone; these are in turn analyzed by the patch, and if what is played matches the notes, the original sound of the video is heard over the speakers. If the performer does not play what is shown, the sound of the video is immediately muted. The focus of the performance is the alternation between comprehension, silence and incomprehensibility.

“A situation when no one is speaking. 
A situation in which someone refuses to talk about something or to answer questions.
A situation in which people to not communicate with each other.
To make somebody stop speaking or making noise.
To make somebody stop expressing opinions that are opposed to yours
Tell people to be quiet.”

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