present_moment (2019)

for two performers, buzzers, light bulbs, visuals and electronic sounds

premiered by eventuell. (Vera Wahl & Manuela Villiger) on September 5th, 2019 in Zürich

“perfection, noun, /pərˈfɛkʃn/, [uncountable], [singular], 1. the state of being perfect, physical perfection, his performance was perfection (= something perfect), 2. the act of making something perfect by doing the final improvements, they have been working on the perfection. error, noun, /ˈerə(r)/, [countable], [uncountable], a mistake, especially one that causes problems or affects the result of something, error in something, error in doing something, error of something, in error. performance, noun, pəˈfɔːməns/, [countable], the act of performing, a play, concert or some other form of entertainment, performance of something, performance by somebody/something, [countable], the way a person performs in a play, concert, etc., [uncountable, countable], how well or badly you do something; how well or badly something works. mistake, noun, /mɪˈsteɪk/, an action or an opinion, that is not correct, or that produces a result that you did not want, make a mistake., big mistake, common mistake, the mistake of doing something, I made the mistake of, t is a mistake to do something, a word, figure, etc. that is not said or written down correctly. performer, noun, /pəˈfɔːmə(r)/, a person who performs for an audience, in a show, concert, etc., a person or thing that behaves or works n the way mentioned. perfectionism, noun, /pəˈfekʃənɪzəm/, [uncountable]“ (sometimes disapproving) he fact of liking to do things perfectly and not being satisfied with anything less“

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