MOTOR (2021)

audio reactive installation with a step motor and a bulb

premiered by eventuell. (Vera Wahl & Manuela Villiger) on September 9th, 2021 in Olten

MOTOR is an audio-reactive installation that responds to the ubiquitous sounds in our environment, starting a self- amplifying overlay until it covers up all other sounds. At the beginning, the motor is placed in the empty cube and rotates very slowly, only the soft hum of the gear can be heard. Step by step, individual sounding objects can now be attached to the cube, which are then touched by the rotating motor attachment and thus sound. As soon as the amplitude in the cube increases, the motor starts to rotate faster, which in turn leads to louder sounds, which again lead to faster rotation – until finally the motor rotates at maximum speed and produces very loud noise. The brightness of a light bulb, which is placed above the motor, is directly influenced by the speed of rotation. In the initial idea, a microphone is placed in the cube, which thus detects the increasing volume and influences the speed of the motor. However, it is also possible to place the microphone in a different location and have the motor react to external sounds.

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