im_puls (2018)

for two soprano saxophones, heart rate sensors, light bulbs and electronic sounds

premiered by eventuell. (Vera Wahl & Manuela Villiger) on March 3rd, 2018 in Zürich

Two individuals, embodied by real physical parameters, are exposed to different forces of nature. The piece is based on the law of momentum conservation and allows the two living beings to feel the archaic forces of the universe. The intimate sounds of the performers are contrasted with cold and overpowering sounds that symbolize the omnipresent energy of nature. Pulse, breathing, and voice of the performers form the foundation of the work and enable the performers not only to act as saxophonists, but also as real people on stage. These living beings are now confronted with various impulses and react to them according to the logical laws of physics – with the aim of demonstrating the inner power of nature.

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