[FALL] (2020)

for two soprano saxophones, drop frame, visuals and electronics

premiered by eventuell. (Vera Wahl & Manuela Villiger) on September 9th, 2020 in Olten 

[FALL] consists of three movements A, B and C, the first two of which is purely performative, while the third is played with the saxophones.

“An object is considered to be realistic if it reproduces the characteristics of the reality to be represented in many ways and without distortion. Virtuality is the attribute of a thing, not to exist in the form in which it seems to be, but rather to resemble in its essence or effect a thing existing in this form. Reality is expressed through perception and mental performance as a phenomenon in the human consciousness. Virtual actions necessarily require reality as a projection surface; thus it follows that the virtual is fulfilled in the real. The virtual does not exist materially, but it is real. Virtuality enables the separation of an action from any logic. For this reason, reality and virtuality can often be easily distinguished. Just as the projection simply depicts reality, so our eyes merely reproduce a visual image of reality. Time is relative and dependent on both movement and perception of the observer. The slower something happens, the faster you lose sight of causality.“

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